DDD/AWS Cloud Academy recognized at Amazon Web Services Summit in Washington, DC.  Watch video on how The Cloud Academy develops the advanced technology skills that are being used to help the National Museums of Kenya preserve the cultural heritage of Africa and share it with the world via the cloud.

(New York, March 31, 2017).  Digital Divide Data (DDD), today announced a long-term strategic initiative, teaming with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Intel to digitize one of the largest collections of Archeology and Paleontology in the world at the National Museums of Kenya (NMK).

The first phase of the proposed project will involve digitization of culturally and historically significant artifacts and specimens, the creation of a digital archives platform, and an interactive website (“virtual museum”). The platform will be hosted on the AWS Cloud.

At DDD, we have set a goal to operate as a profitable and growing business with impact at the core: a business with a mission. To reach this goal, we have implemented several important management changes that will enable us to reinforce and strengthen cultural effectiveness, delivery excellence and financial soundness.

Under the leadership of CEO Jeremy Hockenstein and President Frank Heitmann, the team was realigned as follows: 

We are proud to announce that DDD has for a second year in a row been selected as a Rising Star for the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals'® (IAOP) 2016 Global Outsourcing 100® List.

To be considered a Rising Star, a firm must not only show significant growth in the past but also capacity and potential to grow even more in the future. Other selection criteria include customer references, awards and recognitions, programs for innovation and corporate social responsibility. 

Africa represents new opportunities for many companies, not only for resources but for manufacturing and services as well. As companies expand their supply chains in Africa, investment is expected to rise significantly. In this publication, The Economist Intelligence Unit examines what the challenges are that companies face when sourcing from Africa and what opportunities await them. 

Digital Divide Data (DDD), the pioneer of Impact Sourcing and an emerging leader in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, has appointed Mr. Frank Heitmann as President to support the company on its path towards commercial growth. Jeremy Hockenstein will continue in his role as CEO of the $10m organization with staff of more than 1,200 across offices in Asia, Africa and North America.

Digital Divide Data was selected as a Rising Star and only exclusive Impact Sourcing provider on the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals’® (IAOP) 2015 Global Outsourcing 100® List. To be considered a Rising Star, a small, fast-growing firm must make less than $50 million per year in revenue and/or employ fewer than 5,000. DDD anticipates revenue of more than $8 million in FY15 and has 1,300 employees throughout Asia, Africa and North America.

UK-based Outsource Magazine published an article on four ways Impact Sourcing adds value to companies’ outsourcing spend, written by Michael Chertok, Chief Business Development Officer at DDD. In the article, Chertok discusses how impact sourcing can improve a client’s brand, more deeply engage employees, grow new markets and reduce risk.

Digital Divide Data was ranked #31 in a list of the Top 500 NGOs in the world in 2014! This puts us in the company of well-respected organizations such as Acumen, Ashoka, Grameen, One Acre Fund, Partners in Health, Tostan and Root Capital. It is the third year that DDD has been included among the Top 100 in these ratings. The Top 500 NGO ranking grew out of The Global Journal Top 100 NGOs rankings, which have been expanded to include 500 NGOs and have moved to Global Geneva, a non-profit platform for the ranking.

MIT’s Innovations Journal published an article on the African Law Library project, written by Amolo Ng'weno, Managing Director of DDD Kenya, as well as Peres Were who manages the African Law Library project on behalf of DDD and Abi Steinberg, a strategist at DDD. 

DDD's Anne Gachoka proposes the next steps for economic development in Kenya, based on DDD's research on the Kenya Financial Diaries project.  This work, supported by FSD Kenya, Bankable Frontier Associates, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, reveals the struggles of ordinary Kenyans without access to trustworthy or reliable financial services. It also shows the lengths to which financial institutions go to mislead their clients.

DDD, in partnership with Bankable Frontier Associates, with funding from FSD Kenya and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, worked on a landmark study to collect detailed data on the financial behavior of the lowest income Kenyans called the Kenya Financial Diaries.

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All Africa featured a news story including an audio report with an interview with DDD Kenya Managing Director, Amolo Ng'weno.