DDD’s Social Impact

Transforming Lives

DDD creates better futures for disadvantaged youth in Cambodia, Laos and Kenya. The innovative work/study program that is core to DDD’s social enterprise enables young women and men from very poor families to gain work experience plus access to higher education. As a result, they secure professional jobs and earn lasting higher incomes, breaking the cycle of poverty. Since 2001, the projected increase in lifetime earnings for youth in DDD’s program is more than $250 million.

Social Impact Pioneers

DDD pioneered the model of offering employment in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry to people from disadvantaged families, now called “Impact Sourcing.” Inspired by this model, dozens of other firms around the world now engage in Impact Sourcing. DDD’s approach is unique in that it incorporates a comprehensive program of employment and higher education to support young people in realizing their dreams.

Working in countries where young adults have talent as well as an ambition to improve their lives, DDD offers a structure that enables youth to develop their skills, grow personally and improve the socio-economic well-being of their families. By offering work experience in the BPO industry--and the opportunity to pursue higher education--DDD creates an enduring, life-changing environment for young men and women who otherwise face limited employment options. Employees of DDD not only transform their own lives, but also support their siblings’ education; improvements to their families’ living conditions; and take on leadership roles in their community.

The Social Impact

Since 2001, more than 2000 youth have participated in DDD’s program. DDD is proud of the accomplishments of program graduates, many of whom have taken on leadership roles in business, government and civil society, as well as management roles within DDD. DDD’s annual Impact Report illustrates what this means in terms of increased income, work opportunities and quality of life.

DDD’s client work also has an impact.  By making information accessible and searchable for government, libraries and archives and other institutional clients, DDD’s services enable the public to access invaluable resources.  We are proud to to partner with clients such as Globethics to establish accessible data resources like the African Law Library.

DDD’s work/study program includes the follow elements:

DDD’s recruits disadvantaged high school graduates, ages 17-24, including young women and men--with an outreach to youth with disabilities.

DDD’s training is tailored to the needs of the markets and the local context where each of our delivery centers is based.

Employment and Education
DDD’s work/study program enables operators to develop marketable skills, earn an income, and complete higher education.

After DDD
DDD’s program graduates find jobs where they typically earn three to four times the average salary in the region where they live.

See how DDD’s Impact Sourcing model transforms lives by creating sustainable social and economic impact and fostering the development of a globally competitive workforce.