Competitive Intelligence for Retail & Consumer Brands

Supporting Retailers and Consumer Brands to generate more revenue--and protect their brand

In today’s global economy, businesses never close and competitors never sleep. To survive and thrive, you need real-time, accurate competitive intelligence to price and position your products and protect against fraud.  DDD's  service monitors online competitor activity for you—accurately, reliably and affordably.

DDD’s proven model augments the latest automated data collection technology with human intel­ligence. Experienced auditors apply deep web-searching techniques and critical thinking to find and deliver detailed, relevant competitive intelligence. DDD teams deliver regular reports to leading retailers and consumer brands.

Competitive Online Price Monitoring
Know how your key products’ pricing and positioning compares to direct competitors’ in the markets that matter to you.

  • Monitor local, regional and global marketplaces
  • Get easy-to-understand, actionable product-by-product analysis vs. key competitors
  • Gain rapid, reliable insights to drive profitable strategies

Online Marketplace Monitoring
Stop brand erosion and protect your brand from unauthorized channels, counterfeit and gray market sales.

  • Monitor online retail activity and pricing for your products in online marketplaces
  • Receive accurate data and actionable reports about reseller channel pricing
  • Learn which resellers are violating MAP agreements
  • Get the evidence you need to enforce compliance

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