Data Entry, Database, and Research Support for Non-profits and NGOs

Non-profit organizations and NGOs are mission-driven--and must also function as viable businesses. They have the same financial obligations as other organizations, plus the added challenges of lower budgets and limited human resources.  Reliable cost-effective external resources can be a smart way to get the job done, especially for tasks unrelated to the core mission, such as data collection, database management and projects requiring management of digital content.

For these organizations, DDD provides tangible savings, efficiency and specialized capabilities--all at a competitive price. As a non-profit social enterprise, DDD understands the unique sensitivities of NGOs, non-profits, international development organizations, and other mission-driven organizations.  And doing business with DDD is socially responsible and allows your organization to create additional social impact.

DDD services for non-profits include data entry, survey management, digital content management, database maintenance and market research.

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Data Entry
Market Research
Database Content Support

Our Clients Include:

Case Study: NTPC


Case Study: Yale