Newspaper & Archive Digitization

The ability to reach new audiences and the potential for creating new revenue streams has unleashed unprecedented innovation at libraries, archives, news organizations and cultural institutions.  How can institutions maximize these opportunities for access in the context of constrained resources and pressures to modernize?

DDD has been digitizing rare, fragile and unique archives for more than a decade. We've successfully completed thousands of projects and converted millions of pages of data. We are a world leader in METS/ALTO processing for newspapers.  DDD has successfully helped many prominent institutions with digital preservation of newspaper archives.

DDD Supports the Latest Online Library Standards for Imaging, Metadata and XML:
Archival imaging standards NDNP specifications Full text conversion
Metadata in Dublin Core Full text in TEI Lite PRISM
Custom Schemas & DTDs METS/ALTO XML NISO standards
Metadata in Dublin Core Full text in TEI Lite PRISM
Benefits of Partnering with DDD:
  • Solid technological infrastructure including customized software solutions
  • Deep domain expertise as a result of our work with clients such as the British Library and Harvard, Stanford, and Princeton Universities.
  • Diversity of digitization projects means DDD teams are quickly adaptable to client specific requirements
  • We can quickly scale global teams to meet your needs

Our Clients Include:

Case Study: Reader's Digest

  Reader's Digest

Case Study: Yale


Service Information: Digitization Services

  Digitization Services