Image Processing

Beautiful images require sophisticated image processing tools and techniques, which can be expensive to do in-house. When you outsource your photo editing and retouching needs to DDD’s experts, you save money and time. Focus on your core competencies—while we ensure that your images look their best.

DDD’s image processing solutions meet the requirements of diverse clients, from ecommerce and real estate to digital publishing. By combining people and technology, we deliver professionally managed and highly customizable services that meet your specific requirements.  You can select your final output in jpg, gif, png or another format of your choice—and delivered directly to your platform. Our quality control process ensures that we meet—and exceed—your expectations.

Before Image ----->   After Image

Before                                               After     

DDD image processing solutions include:

  • Crop Photos

Crop objects to achieve proper pixel size, aspect ratio, centering of subjects and/or relative zoom of subjects.

  • Retouch Photos

Remove photo props, blemishes, flaws such as wrinkles, pimples, tattoos, redeye or add a shine or gloss on the finalized image

  • Create Shadows

Create a shadow on the background for an element in the photo. This enhances the look and 3-dimensional appeal of the product shot.

  • Remove Background/Change Backgrounds

Isolate the product from its background using clipping paths or alpha masking techniques—and modify the background area to white, transparent or colorful.

  • Add Product Tags/Delete Product Tags

Add or delete tags from product images.

  • Remove Object/Add Object

Rather than reshoot a product, remove unwanted elements from photos. 

  • Remove Person/Add Person

Remove unwanted people from photos. 

  • Sharpen Photo

Bring the image into sharper focus.

  • Rotate Elements

Straighten, rotate or flop elements in an image.

Our Clients Include: