eGov Solutions and Digitization for Government Agencies

The need to transform documents, surveys, and other data into digital formats and to make them accessible to a variety of stakeholders is a priority for government agencies worldwide.  Tight budgets and limited staff experience with digitization projects can be obstacles to achieving these goals.

DDD's services help government agencies achieve cost savings and increased operational efficiency. Our custom solutions simplify complex processes and enable citizens and the private sector to interact seamlessly with government. DDD also works with partners to deliver revenue management and health management information systems.

Experienced teams transform paper into easily accessible and searchable digital format quickly, accurately, and economically. DDD’s offers partial and complete conversion solutions, including scanning, data entry, data capture, full conversion and output into a range of desired formats.

Learn more about DDD's services:

Data Entry

Creating structured data sets ready for analysis from any source - paper or digital.

Survey Digitization

Digitizing a wide variety of survey forms, and creating databases for analysis.

Content Conversion

Integrating information into critical business systems from paper, microfilm and unstructured digital files.

Database Content Support

Creating and maintaining mailing lists from hard copy, returned mail, or electronic files.

Our Clients Include:

Case Study: NTPC