eBook Conversion

Your customers want your content in eBook format. How do you respond to the demand for eBooks and keep up with new platforms and changing standards?

DDD’s professional eBook conversion services transform your hard copy or digital content into multi-use formats to make your eBooks easily navigable and beautifully rendered on all popular eReader platforms and mobile devices.

For more than a decade, DDD has worked closely with publishers to help them find new ways to monetize existing content and to extend reach into new markets. DDD has found eBook conversion to be one of the most successful techniques to revitalize content and increase engagement.  We keep pace with changes to tools and technologies so we can deliver cost-effective content production and conversion services.

Quality Assurance

DDD’s methodology is based on a combination of technology and the hands-on experience of highly knowledgeable staff.   That human component ensures that complex layout elements are correctly converted.  Some of the most common elements requiring human analysis include:

  • stylesheets
  • illustrations
  • metadata
  • footnotes
  • audio and video links
  • chapter designations
  • section formatting
  • special characters
  • hyperlinked Table Of Contents

Content Requirements & Formats

Existing Content can be in hard copy or any common digital format including:

  • XML
  • PageMaker
  • Word/RTF
  • SGML
  • PDF
  • InDesign
  • HTML
  • FrameMaker
  • Hard copy

We transform that content into popular eReader, Desktop, and Mobile eBooks:

  • eBook for Apple iPad™
  • eBook for Nook™
  • eBook for Android™
  • eBook for eReader
  • eBook for Amazon Kindle™
  • eBook for Apple iPhone™
  • eBook for Mobipocket© reader
  • eBook for SONY® eBook Reader
  • EPUB, EPUB2 or EPUB3 formatted file

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Our Clients Include:

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  Reader's Digest