Content Conversion and Digitization

How do you repurpose your content to digital formats quickly, accurately and cost effectively?  You need a content conversion specialist who delivers.

As the world moves to an increasingly digital approach to accessing information, how do you keep up with the demand for your content across formats and platforms?

Let DDD help you convert legacy content into new digital formats.  With more than a decade of experience in content management and production services, DDD has the knowledge and expertise to help you deliver high quality new or repurposed content in multiple formats.

DDD's Flexible and Versatile Approach to Content Conversion:

  • Your content can start in any format. We use the optimal mix of OCR, automated data capture and double-key data entry to achieve accuracy rates as high as 99.995%.
  • Your content is accurately converted from any source, including books, photos, forms, periodicals, and image files.
  • Your content will be delivered in any format you require, including XML, HTML, PDF, ePub, Pagemaker, inDesign, FrameMaker, METS/ALTO, and industry standard database formats.



  • Improve Engagement with Your Users:  DDD’s metadata and tagging services ensure that your content will be found by search engines and readily accessible online or in database environments.  With DDD as your content services partner, your content will reach new markets and generate new revenue streams by improving its searchability and intensifying engagement for users across multiple devices and platforms, including tablets and mobiles. You will deliver unprecedented access to information and materials that were previously unavailable in the digital marketplace. 
  • Your Content is Secure:  DDD's experience and reputation for careful handling of delicate, fragile, rare and historic documents, means you can trust us.  DDD will work carefully with you to ensure that your content is only accessible to the audiences you desire.

Our team ensures the fastest possible turnaround of your project with a customized conversion workflow.

Our Clients Include:

Case Study: Reader's Digest

  Reader's Digest

Case Study: Yale