Article about DDD's work digitizing African Laws in MIT's Innovations Journal

MIT’s Innovations Journal published an article on the African Law Library project, written by Amolo Ng'weno, Managing Director of DDD Kenya, as well as Peres Were who manages the African Law Library project on behalf of DDD and Abi Steinberg, a strategist at DDD. 
Download the article here and the whole Innovations Journal is available here.
In the article, the authors make the case that access to legal information is a critical step in understanding fundamental rights, democratizing legal information, informing advocacy initiatives, and empowering citizens. Until recently, few Kenyans could gain access to such information, but due to a groundbreaking partnership between the African Innovation Foundation and DDD, legislation from Kenya and 10 other African countries, including human rights rulings and court cases, are now publicly available online on the African Law Library platform. 
Based on the success of this pilot project, African Innovation Foundation will extend the program to 22 countries in Africa, with the long-term goal of bringing all of Africa’s laws into one publicly available repository. Having this proven formula for digitizing large document sets creates the opportunity to scale access to the local African content available online in a variety of fields. DDD aims to partner with government through education, agriculture, health, and other agencies to bring important information online, which will benefit citizens, businesses, and other institutions locally and worldwide.