Training at DDD

DDD’s training is tailored to the needs of the markets and the local languages and skill levels where our delivery centers are based. Before they start work at DDD, all of our data management and research employees must have solid typing skills (at least 30 word per minute), computer skills and be proficient in English.

Initial training programs focus on typing practice and basic computer skills. In Asia, an essential component of training is in English skills. DDD also offers soft skills training, to prepare young people for what is usually their first job in the formal sector.

On the Job Training

Once the employees start work at DDD, they receive training in specific work skills. In Asia, they continue to study English. As they progress through the work/study program, DDD also provides training and guidance in personal development, selecting an educational program, job search, resume writing, and job interview skills. As skills are developed, employees work on more complex customer projects in our three core areas: digitization and conversion services, data services, and research services.

Improving Lives

The investment in training supports DDD’s dual goals of improving lives and lifetime earning potential as well as delivering quality BPO services to customers. Training contributes to the personal and economic development of DDD staff, and helps us to groom “rising stars” with management potential.

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