Career Development at DDD

DDD’s program graduates find professional jobs where they typically earn three to four times the average salary in the region where they live.

Program participants typically work 4-5 years at DDD while earning a degree. Afterwards they often secure professional jobs in the private sector, with NGOs or in government agencies. DDD’s social mission staff work with local employers to identify relevant job openings for graduates. The social mission team also helps graduating operators prepare for their job search with resume help and job interview skills.

When management opportunities arise at DDD, it promotes staff into these roles.   (Watch Socheat Keo’s story).   In addition to getting jobs at other companies after working at DDD, some graduates start their own businesses.

DDD maintains contact with former staff as they move onto the next phase of their careers.  Each year, we collect information to learn what kind of work they are doing--and how much they are earning.  DDD also works with program graduates to create networking opportunities to pursue employment opportunities when they graduate. 

With good jobs and higher incomes, graduates of DDD’s program support their families, enable younger siblings to stay in school, and increase their standard of living.

These Stories of Change share some of the profound impact DDD has on the lives of the youth in our program.

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