From Small to Spacious: DDD Laos Settles into a New Home

With a bigger space, better lighting and ventilation, DDD operators can work more efficiently and comfortably at their new stations.

Bigger and better. That’s how Souphalak (Lak) Souksavath, DDD’s Lao-based Chief Financial Officer, describes DDD’s new delivery center. On September 22, 2012, DDD opened its new home in Tanmixay Village, eight kilometers from the center of the country’s capital, Vientiane. The new office is a much needed upgrade in space and facilities. Lak is pleased with DDD’s new home. “Our old office did not match our operations. It was essentially a building meant for a family to live in and not for business operations,” she explained. From a space that housed just 200 people, the team has room to grow in the new center that can accommodate 600-700 staff. The improved facilities include a more reliable power system and a stand-by generator that ensures continuity of operations even during power outages.   Location, location, location. The new space is strategically nestled in the Xaythany District, a suburb of Vientiane targeted for rapid development--and a location that offers new perks for operators. A canteen in the building and small restaurants nearby make it more convenient for staff and operators to have lunch breaks together. A football field next to the building is ripe for team building activities and recreation time. Most important, The National University of Laos is just one kilometer from the office, making it easy for operators to get to school. Yet for Office Manager Phabphada (Phab) Dokbouathong, access to sunshine is the office’s best feature. “We used to stay in a small room with no windows and that’s not very conducive for work. But now I can see the sunrise and the sunset. It’s easy for me to know when I should go home,” she jokes. The new delivery center will allow DDD Laos to expand operations, hire more operators and increase revenue. One DDD client using staff in Laos, StatDNA, has operators tagging video with metadata for statistical analysis, they needed more manpower. The old office restricted the project’s expansion. With the new office, the StatDNA team can comfortably double its staffing. Lak is confident that with the new, bigger delivery center, DDD Laos is poised for growth. “When we have more client work, we can employ 600 or more youth here and increase our impact. With this more comfortable and secure space, we will support the expansion of DDD’s mission.” DDD Laos plans to formally inaugurate the new office in time for the Lao New Year in April.