A Match Made in Heaven: Evangelical Christian Publishers Association Partners with DDD

Evangelical Christian Publishing Association LogoThrough this new relationship DDD will be a recommended service provider of data conversion and eBook services to ECPA members worldwide. ECPA newsletters, events and educational opportunities will increase awareness within Christian publishing about DDD and the good work we do. "We are excited to partner with DDD,” expressed Michael Covington, ECPA's Information & Education Director, “our members get access to quality eBook services from an organization that prides itself on both its ability to produce quality work while maintaining a focus on and commitment to eradicating poverty in developing parts of the world." The National Association of Evangelicals invests heavily in “World Relief,” their philanthropic arm to provide humanitarian assistance to suffering people throughout the world with a focus on Cambodia and Kenya, among other countries. Choosing DDD provides one more way for evangelical Christians or companies who sell to the evangelical market to alleviate suffering around the world. “DDD has long worked with companies who believe that doing business and doing good in the world are not mutually exclusive,” said our CEO Jeremy Hockenstein, “We’re thrilled to find more likeminded business people who care about the welfare of poor youth in the developing world. We CAN make a difference with our business choices, and we DO every day.”