Kenyan City's Business License Records Made Accessible and Transparent by DDD

"Kisumu is a leader in modernizing its processes," said the Chairman, who is also the Sengerema, Tanzania, district council chairman, "but we expect to quickly see other councils in the region going digital." Amolo Ng'weno, Managing Director of DDD, said the company had digitized over 13,000 business license records and liaised with the council to install an online system for license approvals. "These records will now be consulted by mobile phone or computer," she added, noting that Kisumu was the first municipal council in the region to go digital. "The partnership between DDD and the Council has been a most welcome one," said Kisumu Mayor, Samuel O. Okello, in his remarks. "We achieved this project in a very short time. In order to continue improving our services to citizens, we are looking forward to working with DDD and our development partners to complete the automation of various processes within the council." Kisumu East Member of Parliament Shakeel A. Shabbir also congratulated the council and promised that his own constituents would soon be able to gain access over the internet to information about constituency projects and activities. The work was undertaken through a grant from the Rockefeller foundation to DDD. The grant is part of the Rockefeller Foundation’s work, “Poverty Reduction through Information and Digital Employment” (PRIDE). PRIDE is working in Africa to foster and scale up a new arm of the outsourcing industry called impact sourcing by supporting programs aimed at creating employment for the poor by establishing meaningful jobs in the information technology industry. “We’re thrilled to support DDD in bringing the innovative business model of impact sourcing, which generates employment opportunities for the poorest and most vulnerable citizens, while also building efficiency in delivery of services such as in the case for the Kisumu business licensing said James Nyoro, Managing Director, Africa at the Rockefeller Foundation. See more about this story in Kenya's Daily Nation