Kenya Financial Diaries

DDD, in partnership with Bankable Frontier Associates, with funding from FSD Kenya and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, worked on a landmark study to collect detailed data on the financial behavior of the lowest income Kenyans called the Kenya Financial Diaries. The research, acquired by visiting households every two weeks for 18 months, captures detailed information about income and spending habits, including wage data, day-to-day expenses, capital expenditures for businesses, and schooling costs. Ultimately, the "Diaries" create a collage illustrating the financial behavior of the poverty-stricken, giving the local population and external researchers a vivid picture of the lives of the poor.  This continuous cash flow data may be used to allocate aid, improve local financial services, and eventually help Kenyans out of poverty.  The study illustrates the powerful ways in which reliable data collection on the ground can inform policy and practice. A four-page executive summary of the report can be found here