Innovations for Poverty Action Empowered by Quality Data

Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) is a nonprofit dedicated to discovering what works to help the world’s poor. IPA designs and evaluates programs in real contexts with real people, and provides hands-on assistance to bring successful programs to scale.  They employ rigorous research techniques to develop and test solutions to problems faced by the poor in developing countries. To do this work, they perform thorough evaluation and analysis of the data they collect.  That’s where DDD comes in. IPA contracted with DDD to support global projects researching  financial education household savings,  and women who are potential microfinance clients  The surveys were conducted in three countries in three different languages. DDD’s survey digitization services were a perfect fit for IPA. Our process starts with the physical handling, logging and scanning of paper forms, and follows through with key-stroke by key-stroke tracking to guarantee data quality. DDD also offers a unique survey management tool, designed to support structured entry processes and operational workflow. With this software, we can provide output to clients like IPA in any format required. We are delighted that DDD’s services can help IPA evaluate poverty interventions using their evidence-based approach.  It’s just one more way that what we do makes a difference.  In addition to IPA, some of our past survey digitization clients have included CARE International HAGAR, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mines Advisory Group (MAG), UNICEF and World Vision.