DDD Sources Photographs to Deliver Value to Travelers

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  • DDD Sources Photographs to Deliver Value to Travelers_2
When selecting a travel destination, a picture is worth a thousand words. Digital Divide Data recently kicked off a three-month project with Silicon Valley technology company, Nor1, to source relevant photography and content to help Nor1 grab the attention of people browsing online for travel ideas--and allow them to find the right product offers, at the right time, in one place. Recognized as a technology leader in upsell solutions, Nor1 recently acquired Flextrip, a company that offers a large selection of tours and activities to travelers through a network of consumer travel websites. Nor1 aimed to improve Flextrip’s existing database of 15,000 travel and accommodation offers. DDD entered the picture by selecting better, crisper images–critical to help Nor1 boost sales travel-related offerings. DDD provides this seemingly easy but demanding service to support Nor1’s growing business. Kenyan operators choose photos from a database and wrap it with a suitable description that highlights the details of Nor1’s tour offerings. They also update hotel property information hosted in Nor1’s database. DDD Production Manager Justus Okadapau noted, “Our young operators have strong geographical knowledge and judgment of pictures. They supplement their own understanding with additional research to make solid decisions about the information for a particular tour.” Sanjay Wahi, Senior Vice President of Product Management & Analytics highlighted the importance of the work DDD operators deliver, “DDD helps us with augmenting and perfecting content that is labor intensive yet critical for what we need to accomplish as a business. DDD delivers work that requires human judgment in a reliable and reproducible manner, that would be difficult to automate.” A company led by seasoned entrepreneurs who developed and scaled the business, Nor1 appreciates the effort made in building DDD’s enterprise. “We’re very pleased that we can work with DDD to provide meaningful employment to the youth working on our project. The Nor1 founders and I are big believers in supporting self-sustaining social enterprises,” Wahi added. DDD had the opportunity to experience Nor1’s services first-hand. The company has generously helped DDD secure discounts on accommodations for staff and board travel for a recent meeting in Nairobi, Kenya. Nor1’s commitment to creating value is something we share.  DDD is grateful for Nor1’s business partnership—and proud to support this technology leader in delivering its valuable services to travelers.