DDD Kenya Helps Connect Global Markets

DDD Kenya Helps Connect Global Markets_1Today’s globally competitive business landscape calls for companies to make wise use of resources, online or face-to-face, to market products locally and internationally. Suppliers need to effectively communicate to buyers worldwide about the features and functionality of their valuable products. Global Sources, a leading business-to-business media company and a primary trade facilitator with Greater China, had been a client of Digital Divide Data since 2012. Global Sources contracted DDD’s services because of the high volume of supplier product information the company receives and manages daily. Facilitating trade between Asia and the rest of the world, Global Sources uses the English language to connect and market suppliers’ products to buyers through an online platform (GlobalSources.com), print and digital magazines, and trade shows. The company’s Senior Operations Manager of Client Service Center, Raj Gopinath claimed, “We outsource our work to several vendors but frequently add new vendors because the number of product profiles is growing every day.” Editorial Services is one of DDD’s new and increasingly significant service offerings. Operators in Kenya, with their high English proficiency, review and edit client-generated content. They rise to the challenge of editing product profiles and changing the copy to match a company’s style guide. “We did a lot of training with DDD at the beginning. We found that the operators’ grammar was strong; DDD’s work is always of high quality while other [vendors] had varying degrees of success,” Gopinath confirmed. [caption id="attachment_2666" align="alignright" width="300"]DDD Kenya Helps Connect Global Markets_2

  Thanks to their strong command of English, DDD Kenya operators edit product profiles with ease, even under a one-day turnaround time.

    [/caption] Global Sources commits to a single-day turnaround time for their customers –suppliers submit a profile today and it will be available on the website tomorrow. That means DDD operators in Kenya need to work fast to meet time and quality requirements. Production Manager Justus Ronald Barasa shared, “Our challenge is to balance productivity with quality and maintain errors at a very low rate. Our strategy is to continually improve our working speed, recruit more suitable people, and expand our client base.” DDD and Global Sources have a mutual commitment to quality products and services; social responsibility is another point of alignment. While DDD continues its mission to employ and educate disadvantaged youth, Global Sources supports students across the region with scholarships to go to university. The company won the Gold Award for social responsibility and investor relations in the Asset Corporate Awards in 2011. DDD anticipates continued demand for this type of editorial services and aim to develop more satisfied clients. Gopinath concluded, “We are pleased with the quality and reliability of DDD’s services and confident that they will continue to deliver.