DDD and IDEO.org Design Business Services for the African Market

Digital Divide Data (DDD) is collaborating with IDEO.org to grow the market for digital media services in East Africa.  The goal of this initiative is to tailor DDD’s sales and service model to enable growth in the Kenyan market for business process outsourcing—and ultimately to increase the opportunity to create jobs and build skills. The MasterCard Foundation is partnering on this  effort as a way to create economic empowerment for youth in Africa. IDEO.org is a new non-profit organization that grew out of IDEO’s work in the social sector. IDEO is a global design and innovation firm that uses a human-centered approach to help organizations across diverse industries innovate and grow. As the most award-winning design firm in history, it is consistently ranked by global business leaders as one of the world's most innovative companies. IDEO.org has been engaging in extensive interviews with people in a variety of business sectors in Kenya in order to understand client needs, test hypotheses and develop recommendations for DDD.  What they’ve learned is now being used to strengthen the marketing and sales strategy for DDD Kenya. The MasterCard Foundation is partnering on this innovative collaboration to learn about the potential for “impact sourcing” to create jobs and skills for youth in Africa.  The Foundation advances microfinance and youth learning to promote financial inclusion and prosperity in developing countries. “The MasterCard Foundation is committed to connecting young people in Africa to new and emerging economic opportunities,” said Deepali Khanna, Director of Youth Learning at The MasterCard Foundation.  “We are pleased to be partnering with DDD and IDEO.org on this exciting project, and eagerly anticipate its results.” A pioneering social enterprise, DDD creates jobs for talented youth in Cambodia, Laos and Kenya by delivering business process outsourcing services to clients worldwide.  DDD’s newest office in Nairobi, shows great promise for developing a strong local market for BPO services.  DDD Kenya already offers a set of localized services , such as managing Google AdWords and Facebook advertising campaigns, and  survey field research to design surveys, implement data collection and conduct analysis.  DDD Kenya recently received the government’s Vision 2030 Award for Best Business Process Outsourcing company. “We are delighted that The MasterCard Foundation has joined this critical work, “said Amolo Ng’weno, Managing Director, DDD Kenya.  “Our ability to grow our business based on significant local sales, means that we can drive down the cost of doing business while providing valuable services to local clients and creating more jobs for youth in Kenya”, Ng’weno added.