DDD’s Donors & Corporate Supporters

We thank our many donors including the institutional and corporate donors and family foundations listed below, as well as many individual donors.

DDD is grateful to the many institutional and corporate donors, family foundations and individuals who support our mission. These generous donations provide core operating support, investments to grow our business, and critical funding for scholarships that enable more youth to create better futures for themselves and their families.

To learn more about how DDD’s business transforms lives, please download our Annual Report. You may also be interested in reading personal stories of how DDD’s mission impacts employees and communities by visiting Our Stories page.

Major Institutional Supporters






Foundation Donors

  •   The HAND Foundation
  •   Kaminer Family Foundation
  •   mediaThe foundation
  •   Renaissance Foundation
  •   Segal Family Foundation
  •  Child Relief International
  •  Vodafone Foundation
  •  The David Nathan Meyerson Foundation
  •  The West Foundation